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ONE Fighting Championship™


ONE Fighting Championship™ (ONE FC) is Asia's largest mixed martial arts event. ONE FC features the best Asian fighters and the largest pan-Asian media broadcast. Recently voted as "The Most Exciting Global MMA Promotion", ONE FC also has the largest media reach across Asia compared to any other MMA promotion in the world.

ONE FC has held sold-out events in iconic cities across Asia including Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and is due to touchdown in cities like Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo and many others soon.

Watch all of the ONE Fighting Championship™ events online with LIVESPORT.TV. With LIVSPORT.TV you get the official streaming LIVE this means High Quality coverage for every fight.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in the world and ONE Fighting Championship™ is leading the growth of the sport in Asia as the region's largest MMA organization.

ONE Fighting Championship™ will be holding MMA events throughout Asia. All events will be streamed live for our international audience.

Stay tuned to ONE FC for announcements of future events or follow us on Facebook, twitter and YouTube for the latest updates.

ONE Fighting Championship™ is Asia's largest mixed martial arts event. It features the best Asian fighters and world champions with the largest pan-Asia media broadcast.

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• ONE FC is Asia's largest MMA promotion
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